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Features & Benefits of DIY Email Manager

Create and send your own email newsletters
DIY Email Manager allows you to create and send your own email newsletters with ease. This tool runs directly from a web browser, so you can login whenever you desire, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Create Text and HTML email newsletters
With DIY Email manager creating your email newsletter is simple and better still if you wish to create a html newsletter, you don't need any knowledge of HTML.

Build a series of autoresponder emails
DIY Email Manager allows you to build a series of autoresponder emails that are automatically sent to your subscribers at specific intervals that you can choose. For example, you can send your first email 1 hour after they subscribe, your second after 3 hours, etc.

Manage your Subscribers
Keep your subscriber lists clean by using DIY Email Manager's proven double opt-in confirmation system - which can also be disabled. You'll never get any bogus email addresses subscribing to your lists ever again.

View Newsletter Statistics
Find out if your newsletter is working. DIY Email Manager's statistics allow you to see how many times your newsletter has been opened, which links in your newsletter have been clicked, who has subscribed to your newsletter and when they subscribed. And much more...

Error handling for subscriber emails
DIY Email Manager 1-click bounce handling system allows you to eradicate errors in subscriber emails. Simply send your newsletter, tell DIY Email Manager how you want to handle the bounced emails, and DIY Email Manager takes care of the rest!

Create an unlimited amount of "custom fields"
You can create custom fields that your subscribers can fill out, such as first name, sex, salary, etc. You can then use these to personalise your emails, which has been proven to increase reader response rates by as much as 600%!

Perform "targeted sending"
You can choose to send an email only to subscribers who are for example, married and live in Melbourne. This is the proven targeting strategy that elite email marketers use everyday!

Let your visitors subscribe and unsubscribe from your lists automatically
Everything is processed in real-time, so you will never have to waste time manually adding or deleting subscribers from your mailing lists ever again.

Comprehensive online manual
DIY Email manager is easy to use, but should you require more information a comprehensive plain English manual is available for you.

Send and schedule
Now newsletters, as well as autoresponders can be sent and scheduled without leaving your browser open.

Send to huge mailing lists
Sending emails with DIY Email Manager has been tested successfully with over 200,000 subscribers, so no matter how big your list grows, DIY Email Manager can keep up.

Upload and send attachments
Newsletters, templates and autoresponders all include full support for adding and sending attachments.

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